3 Tips For Building An Internal Blog Writing Team

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August 30, 2011
Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian

Blog Writing TeamMost smart marketers and business owners are aware of the benefits of integrating a blog into their company's website. The value is clear, but there is still a hesitation among this group to take action and push for this missing online marketing gem.

They all say the same thing; "I just don't have time to produce content for a blog". Usually the statement comes from companies that don't currently have a blog, but I've also heard it quite a few times from companies that have a blog, and just don't utilize it.

When if comes to producing great blog content, business owners and marketers alike have an issue finding the required time. Aside from outsourcing blog management, there is another solution that is often overlooked, or improperly implemented. 

Why not build a blog writing team within your organization? It seems like a logical solution and can be, IF, implemented correctly.

Here are 3 tips for building a successful internal blog writing team:

1. Explain the importance of actively maintaining the blog.

The first hurdle is to get your team dedicated to the underlining goal. Obviously the end goal is to increase business performance.

Host a company wide meeting and explain the positive effects that an active blog can provide for the organization. Make it fun from the start by turning the "meeting" into a kick-off party.

If the team understands the benefits, it will not only validate your request for participation, but will also help your team understand the significance of their upcoming roles.

2. Play to individual strengths

When building your internal team, be mindful of the value that each individual can bring to the table.

Everyone in your organization should have an understanding of the value your offering brings to your customers. Depending on their personality/function at your organization, they may have a different perspective, or view of your true benefit.

Some team members may be stronger writers, better concept developers, or just have a stronger sense about what your target market will find value in. Establish a rotation so that everyone can have a chance to have their ideas developed. You never know what will resonate with your audience.

3. Give incentives for performance

Actively maintaining a company blog will have direct benefits for the company and employees alike. There are some people that may need a little extra sugar on top.

You may consider setting up a performance based incentive program around your blog activities. The incentive could be structured around how many views, comments, or social media shares a post received. With the proper system in place you would even be able to identify specific sales leads that arose from a post.

The incentive could be in the form of an extra vacation day, a cash prize, or give them the CEO's car. OK, maybe not the car. I'm just making sure your paying attention. If you want to know what will work best, just ask the team. They will let you know what motivates them.

Put your blog writing team to work

Building an internal blog writing team can be a collectively rewarding experience. Company owners and marketing managers are surrounded by smart and talented people. No longer can you say, "I don't have the resources to produce content". It is time to put your team's talent to work toward your online marketing cornerstone, the company blog.


If you truly don't have the resources to keep your blog updated, we have you covered:

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