4 Mistakes That Kill Landing Page Conversion Rates

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March 13, 2012
Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian

landing page conversion rateSmart marketers are concerned about more than clicks and page views. Those metrics are important, but how do they play into your larger marketing plan that includes lead conversions, closed sales and ROI?

In order to maximize all of these areas, you have to start with the conversion. In my last post I explored three areas of your website that must use call to action buttons. Effective use of call to action buttons is important, but if your landing pages are not able to convert these interested website visitors into leads, all is lost.

There are many things that may contribute to a visitor leaving a landing page without converting into a lead. Some are more common, and more reparable than others.

Here are the 4 most common mistakes that prevent a lead from converting and how to fix them: 

1. A Dull Headline - This may seem like a no brainer, but I would argue that is may be the single most important element of a landing page. The person that clicked the call to action button, was at least interested in your offer. It is your job to keep them interested. If you don't have a headline that meets a visitor's expectation and that does not further entice them, be prepared to have low conversion rates.

Why did your visitor click on your call to action button? What was their motivation? When you get the answer to that question, be sure you deliver on it.  Here is a call to action button for a recent e-book we made available:

Click me

The visitor that clicks on this is obviously someone who plans to redesign their website at some point. The headline on the landing page that this button links to must amplify the value that the button offers.

The landing page's headline "Make Your Website Redesign Successful" is in terms of the visitor and delivers exactly what they are looking for, a more successful website.

2. Too Many Options - The visitor that clicked on your call to action button is someone interested in your offer. Since your ultimate goal as a marketer is to convert that visitor, why would you give them any other option than to convert?

I see far too many landing pages that keep the same formating as the rest of the website. If you want a successful landing page, remove the noise. Twitter feeds, blog rolls, call to action buttons, and even navigation bars have no place on a landing page. You are asking a visitor to make a decision. If you want someone to make the decision you are hoping for, then only give them one option, to follow through on the offer they have already expressed an interest in.

A visitor can always hit the browser's back button if they truly do not want to take advantage of your offer. But if there is a chance that they do want to convert, DON'T distract them.

3. Too many questions - If a questionnaire looks like too much trouble, visitors will simply move on. When a visitor comes to your landing page, they don't want to fill out a form. They want your offer. The landing page brokers the deal. They get the offer. You get their info...unless the deal was weighted in your favor.

To maximize conversions you should ask for as little information as possible, or at least only require as little as possible. When creating your forms, perform a self-check.  Would you fill out the form?  If not, make the necessary change.

4. No value presented - Some people that come to your landing page will already have their minds made up, or may only require a reassuring headline (and limited questions); they are going to convert on your offer. Other people may need a little more convincing. Don't fall short here.

State your value points. What is the benefit of downloading your offer? Be direct. You can give a value based outline, testimonials, or add a video and deliver the value message personally. Regardless of how the message is delivered, make sure that you are phrasing everything in terms of the customer.

Landing pages can make or break your quest toward higher conversions, more closed sales, and an increased ROI. Make sure you do everything in your power to maximize their success. You never know. The "one that got away" could be your competitors win.


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