We're a group of strategists, creatives and video production professionals that get our kicks from helping good companies win with awesome content.

We've Won The Gold

And the silver and even the platinum, but the truth is that none of that matters. What we really care about is winning for you. Awards are cool, but high fives are cooler.

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We Are On Point

It's a goal of the entire Adhere team to constantly be on POINT. POINT is an acronym that helps define the “Adhere way” when it comes to making decisions, serving clients, or delivering work.

Process Driven

Our goal both internally and client-facing is to create streamlined and effective processes to ensure we’re delivering high quality work on-time. Always look for ways to improve the process.


We take ownership of everything we do. To be a cohesive team, we can’t focus on blame or finger-pointing. Any time something doesn’t go as expected, we look inward and ask, “What could we have done differently?”


Integrity isn’t a “thing” we occasionally showcase. It’s a way of being. We consistently operate out of a place of integrity, regardless of the circumstance.


We operate in an industry that is rapidly evolving. As a company we need to be nimble, respond to things quickly, and embrace change.


Transparency reveals the character of a person. At Adhere, we want to help everyone grow personally and professionally. That happens best when we all show up authentically.
Adam Marquardt Adam Marquardt gif

Adam Marquardt

Director of Marketing

Client Delighter, Chief Firefighter, and Ringmaster of the Adhere Circus, Adam Marquardt is Adhere’s Director of Marketing. After his agency was acquired by Adhere he joined the team to focus on continuing to craft award-winning campaigns, getting the right people in the right seats, and evolving the agency for the next era. When he’s not dreaming of all things strategy, he’s brainstorming the direction of the company over a glass of bourbon (for creative inspiration of course).

Vanessa Oler Vanessa Oler gif

Vanessa Oler

Paid Media Specialist

A walking pop-culture encyclopedia, Vanessa knows what’s up, what’s happenin’, and what’s good at any given moment. She loves people (second only to tacos) and you will be telling her your life story within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. Then she’ll leverage every platform known to man to give your story the airtime it deserves, with the audience who will appreciate it the most. 

Daniel Vaczi Daniel Vaczi gif

Daniel Vaczi

Director of New Business

A proud foodie and BBQ enthusiast, a thought-leader and a sales person by nature, Daniel defines success in all things as a journey and not a destination. Daniel, who is responsible for the new client on-boarding process, sets well thought-out proposals for services specifically tailored for the prospective client. He aims at analyzing the real issue a client may have and presents them with the best solution.

If Daniel could offer one quick piece of advice to businesses considering inbound marketing, he'd tell them: "Inbound marketing is about educating your target market as opposed to interrupting them. Positioning your company as a thought leader will naturally get people to come to you. And who doesn't want more qualified leads coming to their door."

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Justin Justin

Justin "JP" Petty

Video Production Specialist

Filmmaker, editor, motion graphics artist, and lover of weird cinema. With a background in sports video production and narrative storytelling, Justin has spent more than 15 years crafting “fun stuff for your eyeholes”. He prides himself on his versatility, having worn many hats over the course of his career. He also actually wears a lot of hats… so there’s that too. Fueled by tacos, Justin is a Houston native to the core with a passion for unique and sometimes off-center visual storytelling.

Amanda Hardin Amanda Hardin gif

Amanda Hardin

Account Manager

When it comes to Account Management, Amanda is the constant gardener. Her work in both agency and in-house marketing teams over more than 10 years has given her a 360° view of the B2B/B2C marketing landscape and the ability to make things grow there. Using the same principles to cultivate strong relationships as she does strong plants in her home garden, Amanda approaches each client with an eye for understanding their unique situation, needs and challenges. Don’t worry, though. She knows better than to spray clients with fertilizer.

Matt Ramirez Matt Ramirez gif

Matt Ramirez

Designer / Animator

How can one capture the essence of such a complicated figure, how to catch inspiration in a bottle and share it with a reader. Let us try; Matt Ramirez believes that anything and everything is design, and inspiration can be found everywhere for someone with a watchful eye. His work is superseded only by his work ethic and drive for improvement of not only himself but an industry that reaches every facet of everyday life. I present to you; M.A. Ramirez.

Jon Jon

Jon "Ike" Eichler

Lead Developer

A self-described web development Jedi, Ike is a web designer & developer who is committed to versatile and effective user experiences on the web. He has spent the last 12 years honing his craft to be able to do just that. As a Customer Service Director turned designer & developer, Ike has grown a unique perspective when it comes to user experiences.

Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian gif

Nathan Yerian


Sharp shootin', bourbon drinkin', good grub cookin', President of Adhere, Mr. Nathan Yerian, is the strategic brain behind Adhere Creative. Always aiming at success, Nathan is the unrelenting force behind innovative marketing campaigns for the agency and its clients. When he's not preoccupied rocking the marketing scene, you'll find him unwinding by the pool or enthusiastically slaving away in the kitchen, creating culinary masterpieces.

We Are a Team

“It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” 

~ Steve Jobs

...and We Like to Have Fun!

We keep a vibrant company culture in Houston, TX, fostering a happy working environment that's centered on personal development for every member of our team.

We Are Nothing Without Our Clients

Our work wouldn't mean much without innovative, industry-leading clients who inspire us. We're proud to work with companies in a variety of industries, including home services, oil & gas, healthcare, construction, industrial, and so much more.

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